oh Selah…HOW ARE YOU 3?!?!

My darling Selah…my “pause”…my “song”…my unexpected gift from Ethiopia…

How have you brought SO much FULLNESS to our lives?

How have you made us laugh? Kept us SO busy?  Taught your daddy and I more patience, a different style, a greater grace and perseverence?  How have you done things none of your siblings before you have ever ventured to do?  How are you so beautifully dependant and yet so BRAVE?  How are you so silly and so deep?  How do you fill me up and wear me out?  My heart overflows for you, for your little life, for what I SEE IN YOU.  I love you sweet Selah.  I celebrate you.  I love your heart, your sweetness, the way you need me, the way you kiss all over my face, the way you dance with total abandon, the way you LOVE your bunnies, the way you YELL, the way you speak, the ways you encourage, the ways you challenge.  I LOVE how you tell me every day, “Mommy, you’re the sweetest.  I love you so much (more than Daddy.)”  I adore you, precious girl.  I’m so thankful you’re in our family and that I am the one chosen to be your mama!!

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